A Group of Award-Winning Boutique Wellness Clinics

For the last decade, we have owned and operated Toronto's most comprehensive multidisciplinary clinics. We are now pleased to be taking our offering global by opening our next clinic in Punta Cana
(Phase 1 now open as of September 2).

We also have two new clinics opening.  BeWell @ Clarkson Health Clinic, South Mississaugua (Opening January 2022), Bewell @ Hamilton Health, Corktown Hamilton (Opening January 2022), and BeWell Retreats (2022).


Our focus is Preventative Health and we work with top medical practitioners to offer services that are aimed at healthy living. We bridge the gap between traditional and alternative medicine to help prevent, heal and manage disease while boosting vitality.

We have multifaceted programs aimed at helping you Eat Well, Look Good, Move Better and Think best. We are now in our 9th year of operations and look forward to many more.

If you are a Doctor, Physiotherapist, Chiropractor, RMT, Naturopathic Doctor or another registered ancillary practitioner with your own practice and looking to expand, or if you are an entrepreneur in the health sector looking to execute your next big idea,
please contact us at info@thewellnesscorp.ca. We would love to connect with you.

Image by Nastuh Abootalebi

Our Clinics

Our clinics deliver a multi-faceted approach to optimizing your health and slowing down aging, including a variety of health and beauty products and services.

Bewell @ Clarkson Health Clinic

Our state-of-the-art General and Functional medicine clinic located in Clarkson, Mississauga.

BeWell @ Hamilton Health Clinic

Corktown, Hamilton

February 2022

Simcoe Place 

Health Clinic

MultiDisciplinary Wellness clinic located in the heart of downtown Toronto, Canada

BeWell @ Toronto
Health Clinic

Downtown Toronto’s most comprehensive Psychological Wellness Clinic with a focus on integrative wellness.


Health Centre

Canada’s only medically monitored clinic dedicated to Eating Disorders

Now Open

 Vitality Integrative Clinic

Based on best practices in Canada, we are creating a one-stop, state of the art, health clinic for all your wellness needs.

BeWell Retreats

A luxury retreat destination that provides custom wellness experiences.